Board Member Contact Information

Contact any board member with questions/suggestions.​


Officers of the Board of Directors for 2019

President                          Ken Kelly

Vice President                  Kate McNulty-Vaughan
Treasurer (interim)         Warren Archey

All Board of Directors                         Preferred Contact Information

Warren Archey (2003*)                      (413) 637-2729

​Mike Cooney (2007)                            (413) 637-1965

​​Bill Gop (2018)                                     (413) 822-0058

Ken Kelly (2015)                                   (413) 329-9678

Matt Lenehan (2019)                                             

Scott MacWilliams (2019)                                     

Kate McNulty-Vaughan (2003*)        (413) 637-0233

Tom Romeo (2008)                             (413) 637-2684

​Patty Spector (2003*)                                            

​​Joe Strauch (2015)                               (413) 637-4059

     * Founding Member of Board of Directors

        In brackets = Member of Board of Directors since (date)

Emeritus Directors:

Kevin Sprague *
Gige Darey (deceased) *
Charlie Liston (deceased) *

Sally Bell (deceased) *

Why Call Us?

Please reach out to us if you own or know of a property that you'd like to see conserved. We'll explore related options with you and keep your inquiry confidential. As this website's Preservation page summarizes, there are many options to consider, including some that retain your ownership of the land but preserve its conservation values. Many options also offer tax advantages. If you have questions that we can't answer, we'll refer you to those who can.